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Starting the New Year off with a bang and When Harry Met Sally..

Yes, I started the New Year off with a bang. And I mean that literally. I had been sick since right before New Years Eve and I spent a few days resting but whatever infection I had in my sinus' spread to a terrible earache on Wednesday night. Well, overnight my earache ruptured my eardrum and I spent a good part of yesterday at the hospital. I'm on an antibiotic and hopefully I'll start to feel better soon. Despite all of that I am really looking forward to 2013. I remember telling my friend Kate when 2012 was about to start that I knew 2012 would suck, but that I would make 2013 a great year. Hopefully I will make that come true for myself. I have some interesting prospects coming up.. so we shall see!

However, I did spend about a half hour on New Years Eve watching "When Harry Met Sally", and finished watching it with my guy on New Years Day. I just love some of Meg Ryan's wardrobe in this film... very reminiscent of Diane Keaton in "Annie Hall", another one of my favorite films.

Here are some photos from the film and samples how to recreate the look

When Harry Met Sally

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Starting the New Year off with a bang and When Harry Met Sally.. + when harry met sally