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Fashion for Curvy Girls: Peplums

A 2012 trend that I'm loving right now are Peplums, but as a girl with a naturally curvier figure most people would advise me to stay away from them. I, however really love them (enough to have picked up a few pieces that I can't stop wearing) and find them flattering for most figures. If you are a girl who really embraces being curvy, but you maybe aren't a fan of your stomach, peplums are great at disguising that area while emphasizing having an hourglass figure. Peplums also work for girls who don't have natural curves and want to add some with the illusion of the extra fabric at the waist.

Peplums were popularized in the 1940's with Dior's "New Look", became a trend again in the 1980s', and have been seen all over the runway, streets, and stores today in 2012.

1940s' peplums:

Today's celebrities wearing Peplums:

And me in my favorite blue peplum dress:


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Fashion for Curvy Girls: Peplums + style