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Yesterday some of us Cork bloggers decided to meet up and sip tea for a few hours in the stylish Pavilion. Lovely attendees included Kat from She's in Vogue, Blau from Blaubushka, Sarah from The Licentiate and Corks new beauty blogger Dawn from Skinni Peach. If you have a spare few minutes I highly recommend you visit these blogs as they're all fabulous, unique blogs, well worth a look at!

The topics of conversation included the new Irish fashion tv show "Style Wars" where we gossiped about the contestants, tasks and judges... mainly Caprice and how we love her bitchy side! We also shared blogger tips and tricks that our non-blogger friends would have no interest in, talked about the Irish Blog Awards and Dawn recommended some beauty products to us. All in all it was a lovely few hours and it's always great to meet like-minded people. So Sarah headed off on her holidays, the girls went to visit House of Design and I went home to dye my hair blonde... 3 times... Its now red, but that's a long story:)!

Dawn, Me, Kat, Blau, Sarah

Kat & Blau

Sarah & Dawn

A very lazy outfit pic of what I wore!

Blackbook by H&M Mens T-Shirt
Dunnes Denim Shorts
Links Bracelet
Greek Ring

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Bloggers Anonymous + What i wore today