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Lady Umbrella Interview

So tell us a little bit about LadyUmbrella and where it all started...
LadyUmbrella came to be when Elena Montes Casado first arrived here in Dublin a few years ago from Madrid. Upon her arrival she noticed the frequent deluges that occur here and the amount of umbrellas on the streets. The umbrellas hid peoples faces and gave her the initial idea for LadyUmbrella - a lady with an umbrella for a head.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
Elena comes from a design background and has studied art in Madrid and Barcelona for a total of 7 years. She says "My designs are kind of surreal and art nouveau..I am influenced by the likes of Modigliani, Giorgio de Chirico, Marc Chagall and Alphonse Mucha...for my designs I try to create something that is interesting and fits the LadyUmbrella brand".

Can we buy them in any stores or just online?
Those who are based in Dublin (or want a nice day trip to Dublin) can buy them from EMMA Boutique on Clarendon Street. For those who can't get to Dublin the place to go is We do hope to get our t-shirts into more boutiques around the country.

How would you describe the LadyUmbrella girl?
Our LadyUmbrella character is quirky, unique, unusual, interesting and hopefully has a decent moral compass. All of our designs have accompanying anecdotal stories to try personalise LadyUmbrella a bit more and give people an idea of what goes through her head.

Do you think you will design other items of clothing or accessories?
Yep..we'll let you break the news here sure :) We're currently working on our next line which we hope to release in early summer. It will consist of some new designs on different style ladies t-shirts and we are also going to release a nifty tote bag which we hope people will love. We are also planning on producing other items of clothing and branching into some stationery and the likes.

Does LadyUmbrella like the rain:)??
LadyUmbrella, although she may seem perpetually braced for a deluge, is not a fan of the rain - it messes up her hair ;)

Lady Umbrella likes to Strut...

clearly The Style Strutters Favourite One:)!!

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