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It is not my week (yes this is a rant)

I hate to come to you all with another sad post, but this has just not been my week. Let me recap, shall I?

-My car was damaged in a hit and run in front of my house (this is the second time in front of my house)
-The motor in my wipers went
-Turns out the major corporation I work for sucks and just FORGOT to TAX me, oh and my other job that let me go decided to just tax me when they wanted to
-Still haven't found a job

There are tons of little things gone wrong that I could add to that, but I think that big list should be sufficient. The only thing I can really look forward to is sunny weather this week and moving out of this crappy town in a month and a half!

So how is everyone else?

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It is not my week (yes this is a rant) + personal