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Ye Ye Girls and other French Music that amuses me

I know, how un-American of me... but lately I am addicted to pretty much anything not American, or so it seems.

Anyway, I recently discovered a music genre called Yé-yé, and that my boyfriend and I both like French music. Weird.

Anyway, for those unfamiliar with Yé-yé it is a style of pop music made in France in the 60s'. It was a movement mostly lead by females although their were some Yé-yé boys too. I just happen to prefer female singers so that is what I am going to link here. Some of the singers in this genre are France Gall, Petula Clark, Brigitte Bardot, Claude Francois, Sylvie Vartan, and of course many more.

I am going to share some videos I have bookmarked recently, some are Yé-yé and some are earlier French music not related to this movement.

Anyone else have this as an interest or am I just strange? Any suggestions of songs to check out?

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Ye Ye Girls and other French Music that amuses me + Yé-yé